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Gap Year Tours & Treks

This section focuses on gap year tours, trips, expeditions, and excursions. Expeditions, safaris and dive trips are common themes and there are treks, tours and expeditions available all over the world. This type of gap year can be combined easily with a seasonal job, internship or gap year course.

Landrover with Elephant

Expeditions And Safari

Working with wildlife, protecting threatened environments or aiding in the provision of vital ecological data are the most common expedition objectives. Safaris and trips into the back country are ever popular, these are more like holidays and are a safe, easy way to see more on your gap year.


    Backpacker Trips

    From Bus tours around Scotland to flying over Table Mountain, there are thousands of tours and trips tailored for backpackers all over the world.


      Adventure Sports Camps and Holidays

      Snowboard and Ski Camps are open all year round thanks to the excellent summer conditions on Europes glaciers. You can also go sailing, cycling, climbing and enjoying pretty much any other sport on your gap year. We cover the main ones in this section.

        Gap Year Specialists

        • EA Ski & Snowboard Training
        • Oyster Worldwide
        • NGO Taxi
        • Subzero Coaching