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Gap Year Accommodation | Rent Cheap Apartments

If you are looking to stay somewhere longer term, or there is a group of you wanting to stay together, it might work out cheaper if you rent an apartment. If you find a rental deal that charges a flat rate for the apartment, rather than a rate per person, you could really bring the price down if you are in a group and happy to live together.

Staying in an apartment will really give you a sense of independence and freedom. You can stock up cupboards and fridges with supplies from cheap supermarkets and really save money on food. This would be a great way to really experience what it feels like to live in the country you are visiting. And don’t forget all those great house parties you could throw!

But remember, you will be taking on responsibility and need to make sure that you will be able to afford the rent. Make sure you trust the people you choose to share with. You don’t want to be held responsible for debts that your fellow roommates may run up. Make sure you communicate about the payment of bills (telephone, electricity, etc) and how these will be split. It might be a good idea not to use a landline – think of all those international phone calls home, and how quickly large bills could be run up. You can get some great deals on phoning internationally with mobile phones these days.

If you are staying with a group of people you have only recently hooked up with, it would be a good idea to check identification when you take on an apartment. Getting some permanent contact details or a parents’ address will give you something to pursue if (heaven forbid), things don’t work out.

A search on the internet in your chosen location should produce some links for renting apartments.