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Round the world flight tickets

Booking your Round the World ticket

Planning your Round The World trip may seem daunting but with a little help, it can be made easy. There are lots of different Round the World tickets, with many different airlines, allowing you to have the flexibility of choosing where you want to go. There are lots of different factors to take into consideration when thinking about the destinations you want to go to.

The cost of your RTW ticket

Most ticket prices are calculated on mileage and also on the date of your first flight out of the UK. Obviously it is generally more expensive to fly during peak times, summer holidays and leading up to Christmas. The cheapest time to travel on a Round the World trip is generally between April and June. Prices can vary from £800-£2000, depending on the destination and route you choose. Airline tax can also make a considerable difference to the cost of your ticket. Anything between £250-£500 can be added, depending on the cities you visit and route you travel.

It is necessary to book all of your destinations and dates before you go, although the dates are usually flexible and changeable for a small fee. Most airlines will also allow you to change destinations for a fee, although, you have to consider if the airline you have booked with will fly to your new chosen destination.

The standard mileage on most Round the World tickets is 29,000 miles. With some tickets you can buy extra mileage, to allow you to go to additional destinations. There is also a ticket available which is not based on mileage, but is based on continents visited and the number of flights you have.

Choosing your RTW ticket route

Start from a major UK airport for the widest choice; it’s a good idea to fly first to the US(NY/LA) or Asia (Bangkok). You don’t have to fly into every city. If you want to fly into one city and out of another this is fine and a great way to see the country you plan to visit. You can arrange your own travel between two airports Delhi and Mumbai, say giving you more flexibility on flights. Sometimes, the most interesting and exciting things to see are not in the capital cities.

You do need to be logical with your routing. Take a look at an atlas, and work out the order you want to visit the destinations in. For example, it would be very expensive and almost impossible to go on 1 ticket from London to New York to Bangkok to Capetown to Sydney to London. The most sensible route in this example would be London to New York to Sydney to Bangkok to Capetown to London.

RTW tickets are valid for 1 year

Almost all Round the World tickets are valid for 12 months. If you plan to travel for longer than this, you would need to buy separate tickets. Although this may work out slightly more expensive, there is no problem with doing this. Buying separate tickets can give you the flexibility of going to exactly where you want to go, using many different airlines who may not work in partnership to offer a Round the World Ticket. It very much depends on your priority and if you do not have a tight budget it is a great option.