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Gap Year Travel Gear

Before you undertake your gap year adventure, you will probably need to purchase some kit. It’s a good idea to get organised before you go. Try to plan carefully and think about what you will need in your destination. Pack sensibly – don’t skimp on the essentials and you will be grateful for them when in need. Do leave behind your hair straighteners, don’t forget to take anti diarrhoea medication!

In most hot countries, you will definitely need to sort out a bug warfare kit! Items like a mosquito net and mosquito repellent could literally be life savers. What sort of adventure are you planning to undertake? Buying clothing and camping equipment from well known brand names could really make a difference to the quality of your experience. Super light weight gear that is truly warm, and wind and waterproof will really pay off when you have limited space in your backpack and don’t want to fill up with bulky jerseys and jackets. Comfortable footwear is always worth the money you have spent, and could save you pain and even failure on a long trek!

List of what to pack

  • Smaller rucksack for a day bag
  • Country dependent clothing - check out the extremes of weather you may experience. Long sleeves and long trousers that are cool can be invaluable in mosquito areas, and for trips through bug infested rainforest.
  • Flip flops
  • Trainers
  • Lightweight waterproof
  • Cap or hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream & sun block
  • Camera & USB lead
  • Phrase books
  • Reading book – you can usually pick up/swop books at hostels, so don’t worry about packing too many
  • Condoms
  • Travel wash
  • Small torch & batteries. A head torch can be really handy - having light where you're looking & not having to hold a torch while you're doing stuff.
  • Swiss army knife (leave in backpack)
  • International plug adaptors
  • Zip-close plastic bags
  • Sleeping bag & liner
  • MP3 player/walkman
  • Universal sink plug
  • Rucksack security - travel lock/ protective wire nets. These are invaluable to stop people planting things in your luggage. Wire nets that cover your whole rucksack are great, and fold down into a tiny pouch – try Pacsafe.
  • Money belt/secret wallet
  • Copy of important documents (passport, insurance docs etc)
  • First aid kit - Depending on the area you are visiting, you might just want to take the basics, or a full kit including your own needles.