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Conservation Volunteering

Many organisations conducting research in remote and exotic locations recruit people on a year out to help. Conservation volunteers concentrate on the sustainable development of land, and projects designed to conserve environments and aid local people or collect essential data.

Conservation Volunteer Work

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in the Amazon Jungle

Volunteer with us and help us protect endangered animal species in the Amazon Rainforest You will be assisting a local Animal Rescue Center in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest , that rescues and rehabilitates wildlife affected by deforestation and..

Cost: From € 949,00 – 1st month

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Environmental Conservation on the Galapagos Islands

Volunteer with us and help us protect some of the rarest and wildest species of flora and fauna in the world. Due to its remote location, the Galapagos does not have access to the same level of public care and social institutions that are available..

Cost: € 1299,00 – 2 weeks (min.)

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Reforestation and Wildlife Conservation in the Amazon Rainforest

Volunteer with us and support reforestation efforts to conserve the Amazon Rainforest  Much of the wildlife and plant life in the Amazon ecosystem is threatened by illegal animal trafficking and deforestation. You will form part of a local..

Cost: From € 1049,00 – 1st month

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Rescue Center for Trafficked Animals in the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador

Volunteer with an Exotic Animal Rescue Center in the Ecuadorian Amazon and join the fight against widespread illegal animal trafficking Ecuador boasts one of the highest rates of illegal animal trafficking in South America, despite being one of the..

Cost: From €1349 - first month

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Surf and Help Camp: Protect Ocean Wildlife in Ecuador

Volunteer with us and form part of Marine conservation efforts At NGO Taxi's Surf & Help Camp, you will work together with a local Marine Conservation Center and Government officials, supporting their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate injured..

Cost: From 1099,00 EUR 3 weeks stay (each additional week: 359€)

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Sustainable Living on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador

Volunteer with us and learn how to create a more sustainable future. This 4-week program combines the chance to volunteer on a working farm with learning about the principles of organic farming and permaculture. It is the opportunity to get..

Cost: From 1099,00€ – first month

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Reduce plastic waste diving in Portugal

Want to make a difference? Then join this eco-dive school in their mission to clean up the ocean around Lisbon, Portugal. You’ll take part in daily dives to help clear the reefs of fishing gear, debris and plastics in order to help the marine..

Cost: From £1169

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Volunteer with Bears in Romania

This is an amazing and rewarding project! You will volunteer in Eastern Europe’s largest bear sanctuary and play a vital role in rehabilitating over 100 bears that were previously captive and abused before being rescued.  You will enjoy..

Cost: From £985

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Volunteer with Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Experience life in a tropical paradise.  You will be based on the Costa Rican coastline, where you’ll be working to help conserve adult and baby turtles. You will patrol the beach at night time to identify nesting mother turtles and help..

Cost: From £989

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Volunteer with the Big 5 in South Africa

Experience life as an assistant game ranger on a private Big 5 reserve in South Africa.  You will work alongside some of the world’s most iconic animals – lions, zebra, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, buffalos, cheetahs, monkeys and..

Cost: Prices from £709

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