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Working Holiday Visas

Working holiday visas for Australia or New Zealand

If you are a UK or US citizen aged 18-30 then you could qualify for a 12 month Working Holiday visa for either Australia or New Zealand. New Zealand also has a 23 month Working Holiday visa available. The Australian Working Holiday visa only allows you to work up to 6 months with each employer (this used to be limited to 3 months).

The Working Holiday visa is designed to allow you to supplement the cost of your holiday through incidental employment. If your main reason for travelling to Australia or New Zealand is for work, then you should consider a skilled workers visa designed for that purpose.

Working holiday visas for the USA

The USA is a diverse country, offering surfing & snowboarding in California, buzzing city life in New York, stunning landscapes and gambling heaven in Las Vegas. There is a wide range of seasonal and temporary jobs available in the USA, such as work at summer camps, ski resorts, national parks, ranches and in hospitality and childcare.

However, it is difficult to find casual work in America legally and work visas can be complex to arrange. Organisations such as BUNAC & Global Choices can help you to find work & organise your trip for a fee. Alternatively, if you can find work before you leave, your American employer can help you with the paperwork.

Working holiday visas for Canada

Canada offers a 12 month Temporary Employment Program for citizens of the following countries aged 18-30: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Residents of some countries (eg. Finland, UK & Ireland) also need to be full-time students to qualify. It is fairly easy to obtain this visa - contact your local Canadian Embassy or Consulate. There are only a certain number of visas issued per country, so you need to check that the year’s quote for your country has not been filled yet.

UK working holiday visas

If you are a Commonwealth citizen aged 17-30, you can come to the UK for up to 2 years for a working holiday. You may work for only 12 months in total during your stay and work must not be the main reason for your visit. There is not a set amount of money that you must have in order to obtain a working holiday visa, but you do need to prove that you have enough money to pay for your return journey and your accommodation and living expenses for the first 2 months of your stay (or 1 month if you have a pre arranged job).